Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training helps develop staff to spend less time in auto pilot and more time connected to what they are actually doing and saying.

Our mindfulness training draws on scientifically evidence based practice which clearly demonstrates the impact of mindfulness on improved physical and mental health.  Improvements in blood pressure, anxiety, stress, managing long term health conditions are just a small percentage of proven benefits.

Mindfulness impacts positively on personal and professional relationships and the way teams work together.  Clarity and focus and our ability to be more creative and think outside of the box also greatly improve.

For some, the results are fairly instant and it can really be the first time they have felt present and calm. Mindfulness gives some the impetus to address health issues and start taking responsibility for their own health. This is extremely positive in terms of increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism and long term sickness.  What organisation would not benefit from a workforce that was motivated, happy and healthy?

Mindfulness is a form of meditation and can help staff who feel overwhelmed, take a pause in their day, calm their thoughts, refocus their minds and energy to approach work with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

Ultimately, our mindfulness and meditation training is an opening for staff to embrace a more meaningful way of life and an understanding of a healthier work/life balance and for organisations to become mindful employers, connected to their workforce.

Please see our section on: “what is mindfulness meditation” for more detail.

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Well Being Workshops

Our growing company delivers programmes and workshops to organisations and individual staff across the UK.  Our aim is to work fluidly and creatively within your budget and your organisational priorities whether you are a small local school or directors working within large corporate in high stress roles.

We work and collaborate with only highly skilled and experienced professionals who can work within our Code of Ethics and who are excellent facilitators.  An example of our professional expertise includes the following: mindfulness and meditation training, life coaching, nutrition, stress management, mental health support including counselling and anger management plus a range of physical and holistic health support.

Having the right skill mix helps deliver improved organisational vision and performance for both small and larger organisations.   The broad reaching benefits create a culture of health that gives leaders the confidence to address issues that impact on employee well-being and resilience.

Flexibility in the way we work with busy professionals is often the key to our success.  Sometimes all that is needed is for us to come in and deliver a standard one off piece of work that addresses a particular issue right now.

Equally, we work with organisations over a longer period of time to help embed organisational change around health and well-being which may involve bespoke training based on priorities. This may also involve meaningful engagement with your staff, to understand their priorities and the culture within the organisation.  This enables us to co-design and deliver well-being training and workshops that are both meaningful and sustainable within the organisation and to help embed cultural change.

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Team Building

We work with organisations to ensure they are the happiest and healthiest they can be and team building is an essential part of that.  Team building activities are a fantastic way to unwind, get out of the office and have a great time bonding with colleagues.

We always combine team building with personal development, nature, health and well-being and improved resilience but within a framework that suits you as a team. There is a strong focus on the benefits of ecotherapy that gets you away from the office and your computer and into green wide open spaces.

An example of one of our team building events might involve forest bathing soaking up breathtaking countryside, open skies and breathing in clear clean air.  We can combine that with orienteering and zip lining and an outdoor or indoor picnic.

Retreats are also our business turning team building into day or weekend retreats for your whole team encompassing mindfulness, yoga, spas and massage.

Once you choose us, you don’t have to worry about anything.  We have a range of events staff to organise everything on your behalf including transport and all refreshments.

Top 5 benefits of team building include:

  • Socialising and making friends at work is the best way to improve productivity
  • Team work and improved performance by getting to know each-other better
  • Celebration, fun and motivation
  • Fostering innovation and creativity
  • Positive and improved communication between teams.

We would reiterate our attention to detail is essential here and our event planners will ensure that we really understand what you want to achieve from your team building event and what your priorities are in terms of the experience itself and the results you want.

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Corporate Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” – Timothy Gallwey

Typical corporate coaching works towards organisational goals, team and corporate vision, mission, values and strategy.  Our Coaches recognise that inspiring leaders will priorities all of these things but those aren’t the only factors that will make your organisation successful and sustainable.  

The political, social and economic landscape for businesses to thrive is changing and so is coaching.  Mindful coaching inspires businesses to bring health, well-being and resilience to become a central part of organisational structure.

Our Coaches offer one to one and group coaching and often organisations will opt for both.  A good Coach will help facilitate change for employees and organisations to shift from a place of inaction to action and sustainable change.

We also offer international coaching via telephone, email and Skype regardless of where you are based in the world.

Many corporate coaches work intuitively with clients and help to inspire change but mindfulness brings something else to the table.  Businesses rarely thrive without a culture of trust, respect, open-mindedness, empathy and creativity.  Without these factors, people rarely enjoy their work and aren’t motivated to be truly present or effective. Mindful coaching combines coaching with mindfulness which can be the catalyst for cultural change.

Mindful Coaches use mindfulness effectively in coaching because it focuses on reflective listening which brings a presence and connectivity to our working relationships and clarity of thinking to our work.

Our coaching helps develop a culture of trust and honesty amongst teams, promoting co-production and honest feedback from staff which helps address conflict and barriers to communication.  It helps to embrace change and where to focus our priorities, energy and resources which ultimately provides a win-win for employees organisational success.

For more information about coaching, see the section “what is coaching”.


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