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Women’s Well-being Days.

Running regularly at the Fold Therapy Centre, New House Farm, Bransford, Worcester.WR6 5JB

Dates and availability on request.


Step Back, Rewind, Breath more Slowly; a time for Personal”

Discovery & Relaxation”


Who is This For?

This is for any woman who:

  • Wants to find out: “how do you balance work and home?”
  • Is a woman in the workplace who feels overworked and constantly juggling work and home life balance and has little time for herself.
  • Is a busy working mum needing time out
  • Feels overwhelmed by stress and this is effecting her relationships and confidence.
  • Is facing big changes and would like to take time out to consider her options with redundancy, retirement options, empty nest syndrome.
  • Would like to attend a course on self esteem for women.
  • Is looking for retreats for women and would like a taster workshop for women first.
  • Who wants discover more options to reduce stress for women that she can practically include in her daily work and home life.
  • Wants a day of relaxation and personal discovery, to take time out and rediscover who she really is and what she really wants.
  • Welcomes the opportunity of rediscovering her creative side and learning the benefits of creativity for building confidence and reducing stress.
  • Is looking for more happiness in their lives, be healthier and more confident to please themselves.
  • Wants to be more successful at work by becoming more confident and increasing self esteem but wants to improve how she manages her work life balance.
  • Is serious about empowerment of women including employers and looking to support their female staff to reach their true potential. (see Employers and business section)
  • Who is looking for workshops for women that focus on how to empower women and become the confident woman she has always wanted to be.
  • Wants to explore what are values and beliefs and how her own negative beliefs are stopping her from prioritising her own health.
  • Who would like to buy a unique gift for women or a mother and daughter days that will be inspiring for both of you.
    Gift vouchers available. Book here.
  • Are interested in the rights of women and share experiences.
  • Would like to experience a programme for women that focuses on support for women, womens work life balance and women’s health.
  • Is interested in women’s networking and socialise with other women in the workplace who share similar experiences.
  • Wants to exude confidence, radiate warmth, strength, passion and conviction – to be someone who others take seriously and respect at home and at work.
  • Is going through a midlife crisis of identity and would like to get back some balance and purpose in their life.
  • Would like to explore career breaks and other options as a means of regaining some sense of work life balance.
  • Wants others to describe her as flamboyant, charismatic and interesting rather than “Ms reliable”.
  • Wants to be truly herself, regardless of fashion or expectations. She wants to make the most of her unique talents and gifts and know the contribution she can make to the world she lives in.
  • Wants to know how to build confidence and pleasing herself rather than being a “people pleaser and recognises that understanding more about building self esteem for women will help”.


“Open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind and open your heart to what is your now. Now is your life being lived at this very moment. This is what you have in your control right now” J Charest
J Charest

Any woman attending this course for women can benefit in the following ways:

  • A day to focus on your own personal development and work life balance that also combines time to relax in truly beautiful and inspirational surroundings.
  • By taking time out for a complete day to focus on your, time to breath more slowly, relax to music and a space to think more creatively.
  • Having fun and laughter and great discussions with other women who share your experiences.
  • Learn practical and emotional ways to reduce stress at home and at work that you can use on a daily basis.
  • Learn how to use life coaching on yourself to set your own life goals and prioritise where you want to spend your time.
  • Build your confidence in your ability to manage your responsibilities of being a parent with being an effective woman in the workplace.
  • Take control of your life by balancing work, home, life more effectively which in turn will Increase self esteem.
  • Feel more energised, inspired and motivated.
  • Meet other like-minded women in a safe and creative environment that supports women .
  • You will get clear about making important decisions about big changes in your life, how to set positive life goals for yourself and move forward.
  • Focusing on your own personal development training.
  • Learning how to make time for yourself without feeling guilty!
  • Find ways of increasing energy and how to develop a healthy lifestyle that comes from improving your work life balance.
  • Attract more healthy relationships because you will be more confident and know how to find happiness as a result of your life being in balance.
  • Greater understanding of “what are values and beliefs” and recognise that your core belief about yourself effects the decisions you make about work,home, life.

What’s Included:

  • Relaxation to music & candles to relax and enjoy.
  • Impact of stress on women’s health , well-being and potential.
  • Personal lifestyle profiling.
  • Work/life balance coaching to reduce stress.
  • Relaxation and mindfulness a modern practical, uplifting way to “live in the moment.
  • How to use a personal reflection journal in daily life.
  • Confidence building and assertive body language – how to walk tall with confidence.
  • Assertive behaviour skills to free up more time for the things we enjoy.
  • Lovely organic lunch, time to chat, admire your surroundings at the fold, wander int the adjoining gardens and laughter with like minded women

  • Introduction to some light hearted laughter yoga & bring more laughter into your life.
  • Confidence and Creativity! In which areas of your life would you like to be more creative? Find out how to totally absorb yourself in creativity for confidence and reducing stress. Led by local art therapist and trainer.
  • Alternative therapies for stress relief. Includes hand massage and relaxation.
  • Time for Relaxation, Soft Music, Aromatherapy Candles. - Reflect on the Day & What & How to Take the Experience Forward into Your Life.

GIFT VOUCHERS: Please note Women’s Well-being courses are also running throughout the new year. They make unique and cherished Christmas gifts for women who get little time to themselves. We also combine these with flowers and hand –written cards or whatever your requirements.

Please contact me to discuss your arrangements