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Executive coaching & team building

“Enablng your team to become healthier, happier and more productive.”


If you are looking for team building ideas for your organisation, you may wish to consider outdoor team building via walk and talk coaching and team building.

Includes all of the above mentioned benefits(may just list these again here as think this should be a separate section) and has been proven to help staff experiencing stress and overwhelm, reconnect with themselves and their team and become a happier and more productive member of staff.

INDIVIDUALS: If you have a member of staff who would benefit from this style of executive coaching, contact me to discuss your requirements.

TEAM BUILDING: If you are considering a team building event and have yet to find something inspiring, getting your team away from the indoors and enjoying the countryside whilst exploring some of the obstacles to team effectiveness, could be a job well done.

WHO RUNS THE EVENTS: All walk and talk team building days are run by 2 members of staff. One is a very experienced/qualified trainer and coach who is passionate about walk and talk therapy and coaching. The other is a fully qualified walking instructor with many years experience, organising walks and introducing people who are new to walking in Worcestershire.

INSURANCE: This company is fully insured for this type of event and documents are available and in line with this, a risk assessment will be undertaken prior to any event, a copy of which will be made available to you prior to the team building day.

What’s Included in the team building:

  • A full day of walk and talk adventure and new discoveries.
  • Stop off at a beautiful Worcestershire pub with renowned good food where we can enjoy the view and reflect on the day so far.
  • Mindfulness meditation session relaxation in the open air and some guidance about how to walk more mindfully and experience and enjoy nature.
  • A treasure trail exercise as part of our walk.
  • A laughter yoga session in the open air
  • Confidence building and assertiveness training in the open air.
  • Ending with a group reflection on their experience of the day and how they are going to continue to connect with the outside more often. Some motivational speaking and discussion.