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Womens Well-being Days and Retreats.

A time for Personal Discovery & Relaxation

For all women who are seeking a healthier work/life balance, renewed confidence, inspiration and time just for themselves with other like-minded women.

For women at a crossroads in their lives seeking clarity and stillness.

Cost £85.00 for the whole day including refreshments.

2018 is the year we launch our weekend and mid week retreats in beautiful tranquil rural locations throughout the UK. Look out on our Facebook page for updates.


“Open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind and open your heart to what is your now. Now is your life being lived at this very moment. This is what you have in your control right now” J Charest

Women's Wellbeing Relaxation Days and Retreats

This is for any woman who:

  • Wants time for relaxation and personal discovery, to take time out and rediscover who she really is and what she really wants.
  • Wants to feel looked after, nurtured and nourished.

How Does This Sound?

Laughter, home-made cake, fabulous lunch, beautiful relaxation with scented aromatherapy oils and women having time to talk and reflect!

But your Day also Includes:

Our unique "Health and Wealth" life coaching to get clear and confident about how to be as healthy, happy and fulfilled as you possibly can be.

  • •  Meditation training to learn a basic practice for every day.

    •  Mindfulness Living techniques to help you to become more appreciative of this moment, a more joyful, creative and purposeful life.

    •  Healthy lifestyle training and nutritional advice via my experience as a Health Trainer.

Who is Our typical Client?

A day to focus on your own personal development and work life balance that also combines time to relax in truly beautiful and inspirational surroundings.

A professional woman who just needs to step back and reassess what has meaning in her life who needs some time to become calm and still and balanced.

Or a woman who is at a crossroads in life regarding her career or personal life or often both and needs to get clear in a relaxing space about how to carve out the life she wants for herself.

All women who just need to learn techniques to let go, live in the moment, enjoy life more and relax.

And for those who want a bit of the following:

  • By taking time out for a complete day to focus on you, time to breath more slowly, relax to music and a space to think more creatively.
  • Having fun and laughter and great discussions with other women who share your experiences.
  • Learn practical and emotional ways to reduce stress at home and at work that you can use on a daily basis.
  • Learn how to use life coaching on yourself to set your own life goals and prioritise where you want to spend your time.
  • Build your confidence in your ability to manage your responsibilities and increase potential.
  • Take control of your life by balancing work, home, life more effectively which in turn will Increase self esteem.
  • Feel more energised, inspired and motivated.
  • You will get clear about making important decisions about big changes in your life, how to set positive life goals for yourself and move forward.
  • Learning how to make time for yourself without feeling guilty!
  • Get inspired about your vitality and learn how to eat well and feel well.
  • Discover juicing for health and well-being.