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Womens Meditation and Mindfulness Retreats.

"A weekend of mindfulness meditation and mindful living techniques, designed to help women who are looking for a calmer, more meaningful approach to life."

In conjunction with Daisy Retreat Bali we are now providing Women's Meditation and Mindfulness Retreats .

The delightful, countryside hotel setting of Colwall Park Hotel in Malvern, Worcestershire will provide the perfect relaxed and peaceful setting for this weekend retreat running on the 16th /17th /18th August 2018.

A beautiful relaxing "holiday for mind, body and soul” encompassing a range of meditation practices, mindfulness meditation and nutritional guidance towards mindful eating.

Self-nurturing is the theme of this weekend. Along with likeminded women, the retreat is designed to reduce stress, gain focus and clarity, and promote positive mental health.

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Your Retreat experience includes

  • Full board, refreshments and accommodation at Colwall Park Hotel in Malvern, Worcestershire;
  • Learning a range meditation and mindfulness practice techniques, designed for working in your everyday life;
  • Experiencing the calming and beneficial techniques of mindfulness and intentional living;
  • Learning to practice mindful eating and nutrition, forming a mindful relationship with food;
  • Walking meditation on the beautifull Malvern Hills;
  • Group work with a life coach;
  • Mindful movement as a holistic therapy;
  • Deep relaxation techniques;
  • Creative writing for mindful living.

Women's Retreats - Why this is for you

Are you ready for a weekend “holiday for mind, body and soul” – a weekend just for you to completely relax, step back from life and learn a range of fabulous, effective meditation and mindfulness techniques designed to help you gain clarity about your life and current circumstances? Women's Mindfulness Retreats has been inspired by and designed for women who are looking for meaningful experience to be themselves, to rest and be inspired and rejuvenated! A Life coach will help you set some goals and improve your motivation to take action . More importantly, we show you how to enjoy the journey towards that and learn sustainable ways to clear and calm your mind to enjoy a healthier, happier relationship with yourself and others.

This retreat experience is for both those who want to learn meditation for beginners, as well as for women who already meditate but want to reconnect with it in a nurturing supportive environment with other like-minded women.

Our retreats host women of all ages and backgrounds. The retreat programme has been inspired by women who have told us they are craving time out to just be themselves and are looking for inspiration to move forward in life and build their mental resilience. Our guests include:

•  Women who are at cross-roads in their lives, who may be entering new life situations such as divorce or retirement;

•  Career women who have realised they are on the road to burn out , with deteriorating physical or mental health from the stressful life they are leading;

•  Women who are experiencing “ empty nest syndrome ” and are keen to build confidence and self-esteem ;

•  Women who struggle with long-term health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia and are looking to improve pain management skills in order to make the most of life and health.

•  Women who struggle with mental health issues such as mild depression and anxiety and want to learn mindfulness and meditation to reduce their symptoms.


Mindful eating of sumptuous meals!

We are proud to be working with Colwall Park's exceptional chef, who is passionate about food and who creates sumptuous, healthy meals that strike a balance between nutritional meals for mindful eating without compromising on the immense pleasure of food and fulfilment. We don't believe in denial so if you want cake, it's yours! This is a retreat holiday, not just a learning experience and your enjoyment of the food is part of that. We cater for all tastes and food intolerances. Colwall Park's restaurant enjoys a AA 2 Rosette rating.

How you will feel after the retreat

You will leave the retreat feeling inspired and nurtured.

You will really develop your self-awareness during this retreat but also feel confident to develop your own daily meditation practice at home and how to benefit from mindful living and a healthier work/life balance. Part of the programme is also to guide and support you to creating your own meditation and breathing space at home so this becomes a life-long habit of mindfulness and intentional living.