Work and Life Balance is a small company that is big on delivery, quality, professional integrity and expertise.  Our strapline “Health Is Wealth” recognises our passion and belief that a healthy workforce equals wealth for everyone in many more ways than the obvious financial one.

We are a growing provider of employee well-being workshops, training and development across the UK.  We have expertise within our team that is second to none ranging across many of the health and well-being sectors including mindfulness, life coaching, improving mental health, work life balance, education and training, nutrition, physical activity and counselling.

We like to keep very close to all of the work we undertake, ensuring that quality is at the heart of everything we do, at every step. Because of this, we are creative and innovative in our approach so that you get a bespoke package of training and support that fits with your company’s organisational and wellness needs.

Work and Life Balance draw on years of collaborative work and delivery with partners and researchers.  This has led to an evidence based scientific approach to organisational performance and health and well-being whilst keeping mindfulness at the heart of their business ethic. We are passionate about developing a culture of equality, diversity and respect within organisations that goes beyond legal and statutory responsibilities.

The staff engagement and consultancy element of our work is essential in developing trust and respect within your organisation and making meaningful long-lasting change, cultural shifts in thinking and behaviour and promoting a sustainable shared vision.

We believe that investment in your employees will be one of the most beneficial investments you will make both from a health, well-being and productivity perspective.   Our long term vision is that every organisation, will understand the benefits of achieving employee’s optimal health and well-being as a core value of benefit.